Brazzell Foto

I believe that being a engagement and wedding photographer is more than a job or a service... instead, I believe that it is a relationship and collaboration between myself and the client. I am the one telling your story through the visuals I create; and because of that, I believe in establishing a relationship with my clients that goes deeper than just a business relationship. I want to be your new found friend, the one whom you trust whole-heartedly to photograph those chapters throughout your life that should never go untold.

 I prioritize going the extra mile to make your experience with Brazzell Foto the best that I can. I focus on a fun, relaxed, and creative atmosphere at each session so that we don't just get "picture perfect" photos, but photos with depth and candidness, joy and emotion that you will treasure for years to come.

 You are investing to preserve your history, your beautiful,
vibrant life that God has given you to live; to pass down to generations down the road.
 Yours is a story that deserves to be told, so let's tell it together.